new york has been nice thus far with the family, though I would totally be lying if I said I’m not looking forward to move in day when I get to establish myself in the nyu dorm and say goodbye to my family for two weeks. they’re just so stressful sometimes. Rachel Shawe and I met up for an hour or so and talked and it was really fun, I missed her tbh and she’s so sweet and understanding and I wish we could hang out more because she’s a good friend. 

I’m going to allow these next two weeks to come as they will. nothing meaningful or metaphysical to post on here right now. 

alright recap of this week. Wilio came over on Friday night and we chilled and then went to the park and walked around and listened to music and talked for a long time. it was honestly the perfect night and I didn’t even cry once or get frustrated or anything like it was perfect. 

THEN last night I got home from work and had an absolute breakdown and cried really hard because life and emotions and rehashing of things and feels and frustration and emotion and fear of like, being fired from my job, presently, among other aspects of my life that I fear so yeah. listened to a lot of James Blake and a lot of other strangely music that’s kind of like “feels” 

I was and honestly am very disappointed in my APush score but I don’t really even care that much anymore. Catherine Zeng told me that she got 5’s on literally all of her exams except for AP bio on which she got a 4 and I was literally like :) but I am genuinely happy for her because she’s a genius and I love her. Also Rebecca passed AP World which was very good since she told me she thought she was going to fail it after coming out so congratulations Rebecca.